Physician Specialties At MedConnect Pro

Whether you need a medical expert witness, independent medical exam (IME) or Rule 44/CR 35 (Civil Rule 35) exam, we have an extensive directory of physicians who are ready and available to support your needs. See the specialties below, and please contact us if you’d like to request an Expert list or use our Expert Search database.

  • Acupuncturist

  • Cardiologist

  • Chiropractor

  • Dermatologist

  • ENT

  • General Surgeon

  • Hand Surgeon

  • Hematologist

  • Internal Medicine

  • Neurologist

  • Neuropsychologist

  • Neurosurgeon

  • Neurotologist


  • Orthopedic Surgeon

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Pharmacist

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Plastic Surgeon

  • Podiatrist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Psychologist

  • Radiologist

  • Rheumatologist

  • Urologist

Other specialties are also available upon request or through our Expert Search database.


Please contact us if you have questions.