Medical Expert Scheduling

At MedConnect Pro, we offer professional services for every need and can customize our offerings to fit your specific circumstances. Our core services include Independent Medical Exams (IME), Expert Testimony and Value-Added Services, which extend to the following sub-services below:

Medical Expert Opinions

  • Independent Medical Exams of Legal and Personal Injury claims
  • Panel Exams
  • Compensation Claims
  • Medical Liability Evaluations and Testimony
  • CR 35 Exams
  • Rule 44 Exams
  • Record Reviews

Expert Testimony

  • Trials
  • Arbitrations
  • Video Depositions
  • Attorney Conferences

Value-Added Services

  • Translator Scheduling
  • Physician Travel Arrangements
  • Printing Electronic Records
  • Room Rentals
  • Stipulation Compliance
  • Audio & Video Scheduling
  • Organizing Records to Expert Preferences